3 Alpha Male Secret Traits That The Hottest, Sexiest Women Appreciate

Published: 22nd March 2009
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You may have wondered why some guys can get a gorgeous girl. Although these people are neither handsome nor rich, they can get good girls. What makes these guys so attractive to girls? The secret lies in the Alpha Male... but more specifically their traits.

Here are 3 alpha male secret traits that will get you the hottest, sexiest women ever.

Alpha Male Secret Trait #1 - Be Emotionally Strong

Being physically strong definitely isn't enough to keep and attract women. Being emotionally strong is another important factor to attract women. A woman is looking for someone who can protect her and give her security. Imagine one day your girl comes towards you feeling nervous and panicky and you yourself got affected by her negative emotions. How is she going to feel safe being with you?

Hence, you need to be emotionally strong and not be affected by the external environment. Most of the time, people fail to control their own emotions, letting them run wild. Thus, master your own emotions and be emotionally strong.

Alpha Male Secret Trait #2 - Escalating Physical Contact

What's the point of only talking? Establish some physical contact and always try to take things to the next level. And don't be afraid to do so as alpha males don't. Of course, before you even bring things to the next level, observe the situation. Watch for some signals from the woman and act accordingly. Don't rush into things without even looking for clues.

As a general guideline, here's how to escalate the physical contact.
1. Approach
2. Digits
3. Date Request
4. Date
5. Hold Hands
6. Holding her waist
7. Kiss
The rest, you can figure it out.

Alpha Male Secret Trait #3 - Eye Contact

Maintaining eye contact during interaction is a very powerful tool as most males do not dare to look into a female's eyes. Able to hold eye contact with a lady communicates confidence and calmness and girls just love it.

Try this out. Whenever you are walking and see a woman walking by, establish eye contact with her and observe who would look away first. Alpha males being more dominant would not look away but instead the female will.

When talking, maintain the eye contact too but not for too long. As a general rule of thumb, maintain eye contact 70% of the time.

Becoming an alpha male is easier and quicker than you can ever imagine. An alpha male is defined by his traits. By having yourself developed one to two traits a week, you can become the Alpha male in less than 30 days. You would become more confident and comfortable around beautiful women and will never find yourself without the company of hot women ever again.

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