3 Alpha Male Traits To Become The Man Women Want To Date

Published: 22nd March 2009
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Why is it some men seem to have all the luck when it comes to getting women?

Women are emotional creatures by nature. They make decisions based solely on feelings when it comes to dating men. They might be dating a complete jerk but their emotions are so strong for that jerk that they continue to stick with that jerk.

Hence, by developing traits that appeal to the emotions of women, you can become that man of their dreams without becoming a jerk. I call these traits - Alpha Male Traits.

Alpha Male Trait #1 - Genuine Love for Women

People often mixed up between jerks and alpha males. Therefore, I am going to clear any misunderstandings here. The very distinct difference between a jerk and alpha male is the way how each treats his woman.

Jerks treat women as if they are toys to be fool around with and have little or no respect for women. They often hurt women but they also know to do coax women. That's the way of how jerk being unpredictable and hence why some women are attracted to jerks.

Alpha males are totally different; they genuinely love women and have the utmost respect for women. That's why alpha males don't hurt women. They do things that are different from the average guys but please women at the same time.

Thus, be an alpha male instead of a jerk.

Alpha Male Trait #2 - Bring Out the Leader

Alpha males are leaders and they lead people. Leaders are people who inspire, motivate and make crucial decisions. Leaders are also people that stood strong in times of danger and hardship and serve as a source of inspiration for others.

So how does this applies to dating with women? Simple... in most relationships, a woman wants to be led; she expects that you make the simplest decisions at times. And this applies to where to for dinner, fun etc. Women just don't like men that are wishy-washy and can't make decisions.'

Alpha Male Trait #3 - Know What You Want

Know what type of relationship you really want can save a lot of time and energy. Alpha male know what he wants as it can mean a different kind of approach. It also gives the girl a better time as she will not have to spend time and energy figuring out what you want.

Not knowing what you want send mixed signals to the girl and you may come across as a confused, aimless guy which portrays a beta male quality. This is not what you want. Hence, before you even do anything, figure out what you want.

You don't have to be a jerk in order to naturally attract women. Remember, women are emotional creatures by nature. You have to send the correct emotional signals to attract them. Are you ready to be more attractive and have more women dating you? Then, be the Alpha Male.

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