3 Secrets Why Women Adore Pierce Brosnan

Published: 28th March 2009
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If you ever thought it was good looks that led to Pierce Brosnan's major success with women around the world, then you are so wrong. Pierce is no longer than young, suave-looking man so often portrayed in the James Bond movies.

Look at how he has aged over the years, a comparison of him to his former James Bond's days and you can tell he might have gotten older but still mesmerized women like never before.

Society defines such a man as an Alpha Male. An alpha male is simply a guy who is dominant, confident and is assured of himself. And Pierce is a 100% Alpha male on screen or off screen. So what are his secrets?

Secret #1 - Confidence

If you notice in most James Bond's movies, the ladies that James tends to approach are often reluctant to be with him despite his good looks. Yet, they all end up in his arms at the end because of his confidence. Be it on-screen or off-screen, confidence is a trait that most women look for.

Secret #2 - Genuine Love for Women

People often mixed up between jerks and alpha males. The very distinct difference between a jerk and alpha male is the way how each treats his woman. Jerks treat women as if they are toys to be fool around with and have little or no respect for women. Alpha males are totally different; they genuinely love women and have the utmost respect for women. That's why alpha males don't hurt women. They do things that are different from the average guys but please women at the same time.

Secret #3 - Emotional Toughness

Being physically strong definitely isn't enough to keep and attract women. Being emotionally strong is another important factor to attract women. A woman is looking for someone who can protect her and give her security.

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