3 Steps To Become Brad Pitt And Grab That Hot Girl Now

Published: 28th March 2009
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If you ever thought it was good looks that led to Brad Pitt's major success with women around the world, then you only have part of the answer.

Observe many of Brad Pitt's movies and you will find Brad starred in many popular blockbusters as confident, cocky and funny lead roles. From Ocean's Thirteen to Mr. and Mrs. Smith, you can find Brad always leading, always in control. Those traits are what make really attractive with hot women around the world.

Society defines such a man as an Alpha Male. An alpha male is simply a guy who is dominant, confident and is assured of himself. Good looks play a part but it's not the entire answer to dating and seduction. Look at the streets for example, and you can easily find 'ugly' men holding the hands of some of the hottest looking women.

Convinced? So how can any guy transform himself to cocky and funny Brad Pitt quickly?

Pay attention to these 3 traits.

Trait #1 - Confidence

Now I'm sure this shouldn't come as a surprise for confidence is an important key in success in many areas of life including dating and relationships. Take the many James Bond movies for example, most of the women James meets are reluctant and resistant to him initially. It's his confident behavior that get him what he wants eventually.

Trait #2 - Emotion Toughness

Being physically strong definitely isn't enough to keep and attract women. Being emotionally strong is another important factor to attract women. A woman is looking for someone who can protect her and give her security.

Trait #3 - In Control

Now, not many women like to hang out with boring, spineless guys. Women like guys with their own ideas, to be able to make their own decisions, for god's sake. Most guys make the mistake to let the lady decide what to do on the first date. Women often like to play mind games with men on the first date, and the most basic thing they expect you to do is to plan and surprise her on the first date and not ask her for directions.

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