Lemonade Detox Diet's- Recipe And Instructions 101

Published: 17th March 2009
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The Lemonade Detox Diet is one of the most popular and effective detox programs to ever be invented. With over 50 years of success stories, the Lemonade detox diet is the only detox program to be widely recognized by many health professionals across the world.
"My health and my world changed dramatically," Haas said. "I dropped 20 pounds. My allergies went away. I started eating very differently."

Dr. Elson Haas, Family Practitioner
~ San Francisco Chronicle, August 13, 2006

With such raving feedback from the medical community, it is no wonder that the Lemonade Detox Diet remains the most well received detox cleanse by people around the world.

Here's how you prepare the lemonade detox diet:

For ingredients you would need,
-Organic Lemons
-Grade B Organic Maple Syrup (not the maple syrup on the breakfast table)
-Cayenne Pepper (preferably powdered instead of capsules)
-Unrefined Sea Salt
-Filtered Water

To prepare one serving of the lemonade detox diet drink, you would require
-2 tablespoons of lemon juice
-2 tablespoons of maple syrup
-1/10 tablespoons of cayenne pepper
-10 oz of filtered water

You should consume from 6 - 12 servings of lemonade drink a day.

Hot Tip: The Lemonade Detox Diet is a fully liquid dietary program. Although the Lemonade Detox Diet has the required nutrients which the body needs, it does not contain any fibers. Therefore to make the program more effective, it is advisable to take an additional supplement to the Lemonade Detox Diet to help make the cleansing process more effective. You can take Senna tea as a laxative to help stimulate which helps move the bowels. The tea actually makes the stool softer because it has less time to absorb fluids. First used by the ancient Arabs' medical doctors, it is a safe and natural way to assist the body during the detoxification process.

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